UDG Jack Red 1,5m


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The UDG Ultimate Audio Cable, the perfect solution for the professional DJ/Producer looking for high-quality sound and reliable performance. Designed with your needs in mind, this 1/4” audio cable features low loss and a neutral tone, ensuring that your music is delivered exactly as it should be heard. The UDG signature shielding ensures a dead-silent background, so you can concentrate on what matters most - your performance.

The UDG Ultimate Audio Cable is built to last, with superior flexible PVC cable construction and dual gold contact 1/4” male plug connectors. These connectors provide smooth connections and prevent corrosion, ensuring that your cables will last gig after gig. The Velcro cable strap and UDG branding on the cable ends validate that you're using an official UDG product.

Don't compromise on sound quality or reliability - upgrade to the UDG Ultimate Audio Cable today. Experience professional performance at its best, with a cable that's designed to meet the demands of the modern DJ/Producer.


• Audio Optimized Dual 1/4” Male to Dual 1/4” Male cable
• Constructed with corrosion-resistant, gold-plated connectors for optimal signal • High-quality multi-shielded PVC audio cable

• Two strain reliefs: adjust the cable separation to fit your needs
• Includes UDG Velcro strap for easy storage
• Ergonomic UDG Design
• Various colors make them easy to identify
• Available Colors: Black, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Red, White & Yellow